A New Vision of the World

EPYC Films

EPYC FILMS is a Swiss production company created in the heart of the Alps. Our team is made up of multidisciplinary professionals, including experienced directors, screenwriters and producers. Together, we push the boundaries of cinema and immersive documentary.

Our mission is to create films that submerge us in human intimacy and offer new perspectives on the world around us. We are committed to international distribution in order to reach viewers from all backgrounds.


is a director and screenwriter. As world traveler, he has been roaming the globe for 20 years. His films have also traveled to win prizes in the USA (Golden Gate Award), Mexico and China. As a field worker, he oversees the second phase of our productions.


studied screenwriting at the Barcelona School of Cinema (ESCAC). Scriptwriter, producer and director in Spain, she now lives and works in Switzerland. She supervises the first phase of our productions (selection of projects, scripts, editing and direction).


Economist and trained in management, he makes our dreams possible by managing the administrative and financial poles of our productions.


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